Great for Recreation!

Hidden Lake Camping & Retreat is a quick drive from Bowling Green, only 30 minutes. Sitting on 850 acres of land, Hidden Lake is perfect for any outdoor recreation enthusiast. The property offers eight miles of trails to run, walk or hike. There is a huge watershed lake to which no motorboats are allowed. Our guests can enjoy peace and quiet when kayaking, swimming, fishing and more.

The Perfect Getaway

Sitting on the property are three remodeled cabins to rent. Hidden Lake also has campgrounds, a grilling area and a cook shack with a full kitchen, indoor grill, pool table, and fire pit. We are fully open and operational. If you would like to find out more about scheduling activities at Hidden Lake our contact information is below.

Facilities and Activities

3 Cabins

The three cabins are the perfect place for a family or large group looking to unplug for peace and quiet and relaxation in the country.

Camping Spots

We have primitive camping spots all around the property for you and your group can enjoy the wonders of Hidden Lake without the distractions.

Recreation Hall

Just a few steps away from our campground grilling area, cook shack, and fire pit for your enjoyment.


The watershed lake has plenty of areas to fish near the cabin or you can venture out to any part of the water by fishing on the banks or with a small boat or kayak.


Hidden Lake does not allow motorized boats in the water so you can enjoy a nice and smooth ride while kayaking around. Easy trail access from the cabins.

Hiking & Trail Running

There are miles of trails on Hidden Lake’s property. It’s perfect for to hike or trail run in groups. Discover the beauty of all 850 acres.


Jump in! Hidden Lake is perfect for swimming. A popular spot among triathletes, many people in the area use the lake to train during the season.

Mountain Biking

We are developing trials for mountain bike enthusiasts. With the shortage of bike trails in the area, Hidden Lake has plenty of land to create several good runs.

Event Hosting & Group Outings

With ample housing and amenities Hidden Lake is perfect for your next family gathering or club/organization retreat.


Please reach out to us with questions about reservations, booking, our activities or anything else and we will respond ASAP!